Consignment information

Do you wish to sell a single item or an entire collection on our website?

At Bevo-Militaria we offer a great detailed photoshoot and discription of each item.
We have more then 600 customers checking the website per day.

Selling your items was never so easy as this!

Consignment conditions

  1. The duration of the consigment is minimum 90 days, starting from the date of the contract. If however the consignor would recall the items before these 90 days an administration fee will be charged of 10% per item.
  2. If a consigned item is sold, the consignor will receive the sale price minus the consignment fee.
  3. The payment of the consigned items will be in Euro, 30 days after the sale, to respect our guarantee and return policies.
  4. The seller has the right at all times to use all material (and / or photos of the material) for promotional purposes.
  5. Consignment fee (per item):
    • 0-1000 euro: 25%
    • 1001-2500 euro: 15%
    • 2501 euro +: 10%

Sander Van Wassenhove
T: +32495374222