RARE SA Sturmführer Reichsführerschule staff ‘Tyr-Rune’ collar tabs with RZM tag



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Seldom seen and very desirable set of SA collar tabs for a staff member (such as teachers) of the Reichsführerschule. The typical arrow ‘Tyr-Rune’ is present on the left tab and the rank of Sturmführer on the other one. The runic tab still has the genuine RZM label on the reverse.

Reichsführerschulen (RFS) were training centers of the NSDAP, which were supposed to train the “future leaders” of the NS movement. Every political leader of the NSDAP had to have successfully completed a Reichsführer School. Tyr rune was worn on the collar tabs during the school and was a badge of loyalty for successful graduates, worn on the sleeve afterwards. The NSDAP set up the Reichsführer Schools, initially just referred to as “leader schools”, as training centers for the “political leaders” and the “leader corps” of the “NS combat units”: SA, SS and HJ. Later, the Führerschulen were reorganized as Reichsführerschulen and divided into four subdivisions:

1) Reichsfuhrer School (of the NSDAP and the DAF 1933-1936, the SD 1936-1945) Bernau near Berlin, Federal School of the General German Trade Union Confederation
2) State leadership schools Paulinum in Hirschberg, Lobeda (Thuringia), Königswinter (Rhineland), Saßnitz (Rügen) and Plassenburg (Kulmbach)
3) Gauführer schools, which existed in almost all political districts of the NSDAP
4) Special schools such as the “Regional School of the National Socialist Factory Cell Organization”

The training courses at the Reichsführer schools usually took place in four-week courses, each of which was attended by around 50 to 80 people. The group of participants consisted of specially selected representatives of individual rank groups. The courses should not only increase the quality of the SA leadership, but also strengthen their political loyalty. The successful graduates were awarded the Tyr rune after attending school.

On May 7, 1933, Otto Gohdes became Reich Training Manager for the NSDAP and the DAF in Berlin. In 1945, the Reichsführer Schools were banned and dissolved as part of the NSDAP. (Wikipedia)