Terms & Conditions

If you order an item on the website it will automatically send a confirmation of your order. All invoices should be paid within 48 hours, otherwise the seller has the right to make the item available for sale again. Talking about an item and/or discussing the price does not mean the item is sold to you. To buy an item, an order should be made through the website.

All items will be shipped at the least 48 hours after the payment has been received. (Unless told otherwise, for example when we are at a show or on holiday).

We offer multiple options to pay for an item:

1. IBAN banktransfer
This is the easiest and (in most cases) fee less option, straight into our bank account. Once the payment has been received, we will process the order.

2. Online check out with Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal or local Payment processing system depending on the country you live.
Very fast option, but a fee of 5% will be charged to cover the fees. You can use your card without having to have a Paypal-account. Paypal will just process these payments. The fee is in no circomstances refunable as this goes straight to Paypal.

3. Pick up and pay cash
The shop is always open on appointment, you can pick up your order whenever you want. Also use this option if you want to pick it up at a militaria show.

4. Arrange payment
Using a payment plan? Making a trade? Or do you wish to use another payment type? Please select this option and contact us immediately after you made the order. If no contact is made after 1 hour the item will be placed available again. Also use this option in case you want to have a higher insurance on a parcel (please scroll down to shipping/insurance).

If you wish to trade items, please consult us first. We are open for all kinds of offers. When a deal is made, the items should arrive with us first for inspection and afterwards we will ship our items to you. All trades are final. 


We understand some items are expensive and cannot be fully paid once. Therefor it is possible to pay off an item. If you wish to use this option, please consult us first before ordering the item in the online shop, as some items are not available for layaway

Layaway is only possible for a period of 90 days, and we will ask a 10% non-refundable deposit from the start.
If the 90 days are not respected, the seller has the right to offer the item for sale again and hold the 10% deposit.
If however the seller and buyer agree to continue the payment plan after 90 days, the buyer loses all rights of guarantee, stated in the section below.
If the buyer returns the item within 30 days (see guarantee) the seller will still hold the 10% deposit.

Reservation of an item:

Please note that a reservation of an item is only valid when an online order is made (by selecting arrange payment during the check out) and the terms and conditions have been accepted. To reserve an item the same rules apply as ‘Layway’. This means a 10% non-refundable deposit has to be paid up front. Talking about an item and/or discussing the price does not mean the item is reserved.


All items offered are 100% original unless stated otherwise. We offer a 30-days guarantee period on each item after arrival.

This guarantee covers the three following topics:

1) 100% original
2) Incorrect description or hidden damages not pictured
3) Damaged in transport* (if insured)

If for some reason the item would not be original, was incorrectly described or was damaged in transport*, please let us know within 30 days to receive a full refund. Items will be refunded when they arrived back to us in the same condition they were sold (Unless they were damaged in transport then the insurance will pay). The refund will not include the shipping costs or possible extra fees that were paid. There will be no refunds for any other but the three reasons as stated above (for example: “I changed my mind”, is not a valid reason for a return). 

*Damage in transport will only be refunded if the buyer took insured shipping for the maxium amount that was insured. Please scroll below for more information about insurance.

All trades that are made are final, this means there is no 30-days guarantee period when trading items.


1) Terms of shipping

All items will be shipped worldwide with tracking (with Bpost (Belgian Post), TNT, FedEx or DPD (for edged weapons)), the tracking number can be given to you upon request and is not always sent automaticly depending on the service you have chosen. All parcels will be shipped 48 hours after the payment has been received (Unless told otherwise, for example when we are at a show or on holiday). Shipping costs will depend on the chosen service and your location. For insurance (3) please scroll down.

Although we offer worldwide shipping, and trust and rely on the various delivery systems to work properly, it must be understood that if items are sent by mail, it’s entirely at the customer’s own risk. we will package the items well to prevent damage, and obtain all relevant dispatch documents etc., but in the event of a parcel being lost in transit bevo-militaria.com will not be liable for such loss. If selected, we will ship orders registrated, and if required by the customer also insured, (if the extra fee is paid – please scroll below for terms). However, we can only file a complaint for the insurance until seven days after the parcel has been delivered. It is the customers responsibility to let us know if something is wrong with the delivery before these seven days are passed.

EDGED WEAPONS cannot be shipped outside of mainland Europe and also cannot be send with Fedex, TNT or Bpost due their policies concerning the shipment of weapons. We will automatically ship these items DPD even if you have chosen Fedex, TNT or Bpost as shipping option. The extra money that was possibly paid for these services will not be refunded. It is possible to bring edges weapons overseas to USA twice a year, when we visit – please consult us for more information.

The rates of the shipping cost will be visible per country during the check out.

2) Custom documents

For claims and insurance reasons, if chosen Paypal for check out, custom documents will be made with exactly the same amount as that was paid. 

3) Shipping options and insurance

– Registrated envelope (€10 rate) does not cover any insurance and is ment only for flat cloth insignia in a standarised size envelope. Do not make advantage of this option if you bought something else!
– Tracked and insured parcel cover a standard insurance up to €5000.
– DPD parcel shippings cover a standard insurance up to €500. This will be used to ship edges weapons in mainland Europe. 
– TNT and FedEx shippings do not cover any insurance, if you wish to insure your TNT or FedEx parcel please contact us and select ‘Arrange Payment’ during the check out.

Be aware that the insurance has to have the same amount as the declared value! 


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